Law Firms That Offer Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills for a fixed price on-line

We no longer offer paralegal prepared wills, powers of attorney, or living wills. Instead, we recommend that you consider using one of the law firms in our DirectLawConnect Network that offers these documents on-line for a fixed price, that includes legal advice and guidance and fees that are comparable with paralegal document preparation companies like LegalZoom. See for example in the State of Illinois: SmarterWill.

Compare the difference between a non-lawyer paralegal document site web site and a SmartLegalForms Website.

Benefit SmartWillForms Legal Zoom
Legal documents reviewed by a licensed attorney No
Legal advice available (phone or e-mail) No
Malpractice Insurance No
Conforms to State Bar ethics rules No
Licensed by a State Bar No
Conforms to American Bar Assoc. "Best Practices"
Required to check for conflicts of interest No
Required to adhere to State Bar confidentiality requirements No
Utilizes state of the art document automation technology No
Custom drafting of documents and legal advice


Last Will $29.95
Living Will/Healthcare Power of Attorney $9.95
Durable Power of Attorney $9.95
Combo Package (BEST VALUE) $39.95
Husband & Wife Combo Package $59.95

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