A Message from Richard S. Granat, J.D., CEO, Epoq US, Inc

Our parent company, Epoq US, Inc., is a company owned and run by lawyers and is dedicated the the idea that routine legal documents should be available for free or at very low cost.  These documents are essentially commodities. The legal profession would have you believe that creating a simple will or living will is a complicated undertaking. This is not the case.

World-Class Document Automation Technology

Everyone should have a will, a living will, a health care power of attorney and a power of attorney, with a durable provision. We are pleased to offer these essential documents to you at a reasonable cost. The documents are powered by our web-enabled document automation technology, Rapidocs, which is the leading web-enabled document automation technology in the world.  Rapidocs, with its intelligence engine, enables you to create legal documents that conform to your individual circumstances based on the factual information you provide. Rapidocs is now used worldwide by over a 1,000,000 individuals a year to create what we call "Legal Documents That Think."  We have been in business on the web since 1998, offering our wills documents through http://www.smartwillforms.com.

As you can see, Rapidocs is very easy to use. Your documents are immediately available as soon as you complete the On-Line Questionnaire. You can save your documents on-line, returning as often as you need to for up to one (1) year. We understand that it is often difficult to complete your Questionnaire in a single sitting, although many users do.

Form Content

Our legal form content has been drafted by attorneys and reviewed by attorneys in each state in which they are used.  We track changes in all of documents regularly and up date as appropriate.

Paralegal Review Service

If you feel that you need to have your documents reviewed by a person, you have the option of paralegal review for a small fee.  Because of the way our Rapidocs technology works, we can price this service lower than any other wills provider on the web today. This fee includes on-line storage of your completed documents for a one-year period for no additional charge.

You will find nothing like it on the Web!  Click here to compare.  Compare our distinctive features to other web sites offering to prepare your will or sell you simple legal forms:

  • Instant On-Line Assembly:  See your documents assembled in the Web Browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator)) before your eyes. Our Rapidocs� expert technology assembles your papers for you based on information you insert into an on-line questionnaire. See how it works.

  • Personal And Secure Document Storage:  Access your personal and secure web page where you can assemble your papers, save them to our secure server, and return at a later time to complete. After you purchase with your credit card, you can store copies of your documents on our secure server for up to 365 days or download and store on your local computer.

  • Customer Care Center:  We provide technical assistance here to enable you to file your documents correctly.  You can also reach us by telephone.  We are with you every step of the way.

  • Guaranteed:   If you use our Paralegal Document Preparation Service, there is no refund after we deliver your documents to you.  If we have started to prepare your documents, but have not delivered your documents to you, we will give you a 100% refund, upon request, less a $5.00 administrative service fee.  Printing and shipping charges are not included in the guarantee.

I look forward to hearing about how the process worked for you and your family; how you spent the thousands of dollars you saved by not going to an attorney or the hundreds you saved by not buying from one of our over-priced competitors!   We are pleased that you have chosen us to create your legal documents that will give you the peace of mind to know that your final wishes have been made known; your loved ones will be cared for; and your health care and financial matters will be handled appropriately.

Even though I receive an enormous amount of mail, keep these notes coming!  I love to hear our customers' success stories.  It pleases me to know that our customers have easily and instantly created their own legal documents without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal fees.


Richard S. Granat, J.D.
President & CEO
Epoq US, Inc.


Last Will $29.95
Living Will/Healthcare Power of Attorney $9.95
Durable Power of Attorney $9.95
Combo Package (BEST VALUE) $39.95
Husband & Wife Combo Package $59.95

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